“Embracing Our Roots To Enrich The Future”

The 276th anniversary of the Risser family arriving in North America will be celebrated on June 13th at the Elizabethtown Fairgrounds in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Our Reunion is held just every ten years so seize the opportunity!  We hope you will be able to attend.


Q:  Why should I attend? 

A:  Good question. Many folks in our country and others would love to be able to trace their ancestry back 276 years. The Risser Family Reunion offers the opportunity to learn about and better appreciate the history of our Risser family and to understand the trials, hardships and obstructions which were overcome during the establishment of our family roots here in the United States and Canada. You will hear some of our history retold. There will be stories and testimonials which will help to instill the love and pride we share with and about our family. And, perhaps best of all, you will get to meet other Risser folks from all over North America. 

Q:  Will the ReEsor family be joining us again this year?

A:  Yes! The Reesors are primarily situated in Canada and traditionally post a strong attendance at the Risser Family Reunion. If you have never heard the story of the Reesors and how they eventually settled in Canada, you’re in for a treat. One of the Reesors will give a short presentation to fill you in. Don’t miss it!  

Q:  Is this a free event?

A:  The Risser Family Reunion is a non-profit organization. Unlike the National Football League, we really ARE non-profit. However, we do have expenses. We pay rent, buy insurance for the venue, incur printing and postage expenses and such. These expenses are offset by a modest $10 registration fee.

Q:  Is the Reunion dependent on good weather?

A:  The Reunion meetings are held indoors and will go on regardless of the weather. Mid-June in South Central Pennsylvania usually experiences very pleasant weather. Daytime high temperature is usually in the low-to-mid 80’s (F) but you might want to bring a light sweater or jacket just in case.

Q:  My kids will be bored to death.  What can we do about that?

A:  As our theme implies, our youth ARE our future. We want them to come, observe, experience and enjoy the Reunion.  We recognize that this may not be their first choice of how to spend a lovely early summer Saturday afternoon, but we are trying to make it fun for the kids, as well. There are plans to have a Moon Bounce apparatus, cornhole bean bag tossing games and shelled-corn wading pool with toys for the younger ones.

We encourage attendees to bring their favorite outdoor games to share with others. The fairgrounds is quite large and well maintained with plenty of room for kids to run around and burn some btu’s!

We hope you will plan to attend the Risser Family Reunion on June 13th.  There are many hotels, motels, B&B’s and campgrounds in the area.  A simple internet search will bring up many options.

Keep in touch with our website www.RisserFamily.com for further information and updates. I may be reached by email at keith@dekdrain.com. My home phone number is 410-531-6880.

I look forward to greeting you at the 2015 Risser Family Reunion.

Keith B. Risser, President